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Intercommunication Laboratory (ICL) is fully equipped with all needed calibrated test equipment for conducting testing per the applicable GSRs of Wireless Planning Commission (WPC) wing on Intended radiators which operate in the de-licensed frequency bands for processing Equipment Type Approvals (ETA)


We are equipped with test instruments with capability upto 26.5GHz frequency presently. Multiple test instruments to test in the range of 3.2GHz and 26.5GHz are available for convenient and faster testing.


The engineers are well trained and have good expertise in RF testing.


As per WPC notification, The below tests need to be performed on all notified products as per the Gazette


  • Peak power

  • Out of band emissions

  • Power spectral density

  • Frequency range and

  • Occupied bandwidth

  • Frequency range


as applicable depending on the product for processing Equipment Type Approval (ETA). ICL can do testing per either ETSI or FCC standards. Eg : EN 300 328 or FCC Part 15.247.


ICL also promises the fastest turn around time possible. We will handle your testing project on top priority sequentially as received and will release the test report at the least possible timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions by WPC

For which kind of products is ETA through self-declaration applicable?

ETA through self-declaration is applicable to the products which comply both the following conditions:

  • Exempted from import licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT and;

  • Working in de-licensed frequency band(s) as per applicable Gazette Notifications from Ministry of Communications. For example: -Mobile  handsets,  Smartphones,  Electronic notepads,  Laptops,  Smart watches, SRDs including accessories, microphones, headphones, speakers, earphones, printers, scanners, mouse, keyboard, TV, camera, etc.

How to import products falling under the category of ETA through Self-Declaration?

Such category of product)s(may be imported by submitting an undertaking to the Customs along  with  ETA  certificate,  both  generated/downloaded  through the  portal

What is the process to obtain ETA for products that are not exempted as per Import policy of DGFT?

For such products(for example drones/RPAs), issuance of ETA through RLOs of WPC Wing shall continue. Apply online on for ETA through routine procedure to concerned RLOs and obtain ETA for it

What is the fees for obtaining ETA?

For obtaining  ETA,  a  fee  of  Rs.10,000/- is  required  to  be  paid  for each  product having inbuilt one or more RF module(s). The product may be a finished model or RF module

What RF test Report is required for obtaining ETA?

The RF test report issued by Accredited Laboratory for the product is required for issuance of  ETA.  In  case  the  imported  product  contains  multiple  RF  modules,  then  test  report(s) of  all  RF modules without any alteration to be uploaded

Whether import of wireless modules (not finished products) is permitted under self-declaration approach?

Yes, if it satisfies both the following conditions, i.e.,

  • exempted from import licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT and;

  • working in de-licensed frequency band)s (as per applicable Gazette Notifications from Ministry of Communications


Whether ETA is required for each finished product, manufactured in India, containing the same RF Module having ETA?

A product operating in licensed exempt band(s) should have equipment type approval (ETA). In the cases, when the product is manufactured in India and RF module(s)having ETA is/are fitted in it without  any modification/alteration; then  no separate  ETA  is required for  such finished product. However, if product(s) are manufactured  outside India,  then  ETA  is  required  for each product before its import

What is the validity of the ETA certificate?

There is no period restriction for ETA and no further renewal is applicable

How to import products covered under Self-Declaration category and already have ETA?

Such items may be imported by submitting a copy of the existing ETA along with a signed undertaking clearly stating that:-

  • The product contains RF module(s)operating in de-licenced frequency bands only and

  • The  product  is exempted  from import  licence  requirement  as  per Import policy of DGFT


Can ETA be utilized by persons other than the applicant for the purpose of importwithout fees?

Once  an  ETA  is  issued  for  a  product either  through  Self-Declaration  or through RLO, it can be used subsequently by other persons for the purpose of import without any additional payment